Thank you visiting Henagames’ Game Peeks! I do quick peeks on indie mobile games that I’ve been recently playing. I’m not affiliated with any larger organization or review site, I’m just another indie developer that likes playing games and supporting other indie devs! I play all kinds of games on all platforms, but these game peeks are dedicated to the indie mobile developers out there, trying to make their way through the clutter in the App Stores. I hope that these reviews will motivate you to actually download and play these games!

The game peeks are based on my general opinion of the game. I choose games to play based on what I think might be interesting, unique or just generally fun. If you think your game belongs here, please drop me a line (DM on Twitter is usually best, or contact me directly).

If you are a fellow gamer, one of the best things you can do if you enjoy the game is leave a review on the App Stores, so please make that small effort to let the developers know what you think!

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