Stupid Aliens Update is LIVE!

I am happy to announce that the latest version of Stupid Aliens is live on Google Play and the App Store!

This update includes some great new features including:

  • All new locations! The Aliens have invaded other areas outside of the forest!
  • All new music tracks! There is a unique track for each location, all based on the original theme song!
  • Save up your points to unlock the new locations! Now there is a reason to play more than once! 🙂
  • Check your game stats! Keep track of things like how many aliens you've captured, or how many games you've played!

Watch the trailer for the updated Stupid Aliens and download today!

Download Stupid Aliens today, FREE for iPhone and Android!

Stupid Aliens for iPhone
Stupid Aliens for iPhone

Stupid Aliens for Android
Stupid Aliens for Android

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