Welcome to Henagames!

Henagames is a one-man shop based in Southern California. I am a long-time web developer with roots in Macromedia Director and Adobe Flash, and helped usher in some of the early days of rich media for major automotive companies around the world.

I have been a gamer since the Atari days, grew up in the time of bootleg Commodore games, even owned a Sega CD and skipped school with some friends to beat Dragon’s Lair, and I haven’t put a controller down since. I have never stopped loving and playing games, and I’ve always wanted to create one myself. I’m happy to be here, building games that I want to play and releasing them to all of you to play along!

Henagames Games:

Polyville Canyon – AVAILABLE NOW on Steam!

Stupid Aliens! – Available on Google Play for Android devices!

Hexadrift – Available on Steam for Windows and Mac!

Thank you for visiting Henagames!