Banjo loving aliens have invaded the peaceful town of Bluegrass Ridge! The residents are tired of it and they’ve nominated you to get rid of them! These stupid aliens are hard to catch, and missing them makes them even stupider. So don’t miss! The residents of Bluegrass Ridge are counting on you to get rid of all of them…in the next 45 seconds!

Download Stupid Aliens! for Android

Stupid Aliens for Android

About Stupid Aliens

Stupid Aliens gives you 45 seconds to grab as many Aliens as you can to get big combos and high scores to get to the top of the Leaderboards.

Gameplay Features:

  • Five unique locations with unique music tracks for each!
  • Play five different game modes!
  • Amateur and Pro leaderboards to show off your skills
  • Twenty unique and challenging Achievements
  • Fast paced, non-stop action

Classic Mode

Hit Quick Play, and after a 3-2-1 countdown, the 45-second timer beings as 3 Aliens race into view. A large Blue Alien, a medium-sized Red Alien, and a small Green Alien! Each time you tap an Alien, you get points and another of the same color spawns! Keep tapping Aliens to increase your Combo to get massive scores!

Be careful, though! Missing the Aliens by tapping anywhere else on the sky makes the Aliens TAKE points from you AND it will reset your Combo!

Endless Mode

Endless Mode introduces a new special item: the Star! Grabbing the star will increase your timer by 5-seconds so keep grabbing them and keep your timer going as long as you can! Missing in this mode doesn’t affect your score, but it does subtract 3 seconds from your timer, so be careful or it’ll be game over quick!

Asteroid Barrage

Asteroid Barrage is an intense mode where dozens of asteroids fall to the ground. In this mode, Asteroids hitting the ground will cost you 5,000 points! So don’t miss!


In Five-Lives mode, the timer is swapped out for a Lives counter. You start with five lives, and when you miss, you lose a life. You only get 5 and there are no special items to replenish them, so watch out! Keep your combos alive and post giant scores!

Just the Green

Just the Green Mode is a super challenging mode where only the small, and super fast green Aliens are on the screen. This mode introduces FIVE Aliens to grab making it possible for some huge scores, assuming you can keep the combos!

Special Items

There are two SPECIAL ITEMS that will help you increase your scores!


Tapping this will blow up all Aliens that are on the screen giving you all of their points AND earning a 3x COMBO!


This quick flying rocket speeds through the sky twice a night, and grabbing it is worth 10,000 points!

One more thing…the Aliens get faster as time goes by! Good luck and happy Alien Hunting!

Simple to play, difficult to master! Challenge your friends and family today!

Stupid Aliens is a quick-access game, allowing you to play a quick 45-second round or spend the whole night getting all of the achievements.

Stupid Aliens is an action / casual game that you can play anywhere, anytime!

Download Stupid Aliens on iPhone or Android now!

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