Hexadrift Is Live!

I am excited to announce that "Hexadrift" has officially launched on Steam for PC and Mac!

"Hexadrift" is a casual game of resource collection and repair.

You and your crew have been sent to the Urnian Galaxy for a routine fly-by. During the mission, an unknown anomaly severely damaged your ship and crashed on the Urnian Starbase TH-1977. You are the sole survivor, except for your trusty HARV9 on-board computer, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, the Starbase has functional Sector Scanners that can be used to scan the nearby sectors for all of the resources you'll need to fully repair the Euclidean.

Explore and plunder 11 unique sectors, collect 9 different resource types, strategize and plan the most optimal paths and keep an eye on your fuel usage!

"Hexadrift" is a casual game of resource collection and repair. Gather the resources, credits and fuel you need to fully repair the ship and get back to the comforts of deep space!

Navigate your way through 11 unique Sectors and collect 9 different resources in order to repair 16 different parts!

Watch out for enemies, they'll steal your resources!

Keep an eye on your Fuel usage, especially in the early-game!

"Hexadrift" is available NOW on Steam for PC and Mac! Download it today!


I hope that you enjoy playing Hexadrift! Stay tuned for more announcements and continued updates on my other upcoming game "All Aboard!"

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Thank you for all your support!