Hexadrift Launch Announcement!


I am really excited to announce that Hexadrift is launching on Thursday, November 21st on Steam for PC and MAC!

Explore, repair and evade! You're marooned in the Urnian Galaxy after a catastrophic event damaged your transport ship, The Eulidean. Explore and plunder all of the Sectors in the area to find the resources you need to repair damaged parts and rebuild The Euclidean!

During a long journey to the outskirts of the Urnian Galaxy, an unknown anomaly severely damaged your ship, The Euclidean. You are the sole survivor, except for your trusty HARV9 on-board computer, stranded on Starbase TH-1977 in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, the Starbase has functional Sector Scanners that you can use to scan the nearby sectors for all of the resources you'll need to fully repair your ship.

Explore and plunder 11 unique sectors, collect 9 different resource types, strategize and plan the most optimal paths and keep an eye on your fuel usage! Repair the Euclidean and get out of there!

Hexadrift is a casual game of resource collection and repair. Gather the resources, credits and fuel you need to fully repair the ship and get out of this system!

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