Announcing – HEXADRIFT!

...But what about All Aboard!? Don't fret! All Aboard is nearly complete and being play tested as we speak! There is a decent amount of story/mission balancing and economy balancing that needs to be done before it can go out to the masses, and that is currently underway!

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce HEXADRIFT!

Hexadrift came as a spark in the night. I had an idea, sat down with Unity and within a week had a playable demo that I think has a lot of potential. At its core, Hexadrift is a resource collection and crafting game.

What is Hexadrift all about?

Your ship, the Euclidean, has been severely damaged in deep space. You are the only survivor, along with the on-board computer guiding you. Your mission is to locate resources you'll need to repair the Euclidean's damaged systems. Fully repairing the Euclidean is the ultimate goal, getting you safely home.

Hexadrift - Euclidean
Hexadrift - The Euclidean*

The game is played by entering each of the seven different sectors. Each sector contains at least three of the 10 required resources represented as color coded hexagons. You will likely need to visit all sectors to be successful.

Each Sector contains many colored hexes that can be scanned with the Sector Inspector. Tapping/clicking on a hex will scan the target and award a random amount of resources the color represents. Move through the Sectors by tapping/clicking across the hexes (resources) you need to collect, repair all the parts and get home!

Hexadrift - Sector View
Hexadrift - Sector View

What's the challenge?

There are two major challenges in Hexadrift:

  • The Sector Inspector has a limited fuel supply. You spend fuel every time you scan a new hex in a Sector. All Sectors contain a number of Fuel Depots that will award you a random amount of fuel when scanned, so planning your path to a Safe Exit is crucial. Fuel also regenerates automatically (+1 unit every :30 seconds).

Hexadrift - Fuel Indicator
Hexadrift - Fuel Indicator

  • There are two ways to get back to the Starbase. You can find a Safe Exit, or you can call for Extraction. Using a Safe Exit, you will keep all resources you've collected. Calling for an extraction comes with a price of half of your remaining fuel and a random amount of all resources you've collected in this Sector.

Hexadrift - Safe Exit
Hexadrift - Safe Exit Hex

Is this a never ending sandbox creative mode game like All Aboard?

No! Once you've repaired the Euclidean, you win! The game can be reset and played again, but Hexadrift is meant to be fully completed.

When and where can I play Hexadrift?

Hexadrift will be available on Android very soon and Steam directly after.

I hope you will all enjoy my latest creation! Don't forget to follow me on all the social media things like Instagram, Twitter and Reddit!

* Credit goes to Alejandro Monge for the modular space ship parts! Huge thanks for putting those out there!