New Game in development – “All Aboard!”

Hi everyone! I’m working on a new game called “All Aboard!” As you might have guessed, the central theme has to do with trains, but the overall objective of the game is two-fold:

1. Unlock and upgrade the Passengers
2. Make as much money as you can

If you’ve never played an ‘idle/clicker’ game, you might be a little confused at first, but once you understand the gameplay it’s extremely difficult to put it down! These games are pretty addictive, even though the gameplay itself is pretty light.

I’ve always enjoyed idle/clicker games because they are my ‘break’ from the bigger, more complicated games that I like to play. These games are my go-to when I want to play something, but don’t want to “get into it”.

Here are some very early GIFs of the game and what it might eventually look like. There are a bunch of features in the game including:
1. Unlockable & Upgradable Passengers
2. Stats for Train Ranking, Station Ranking and Passenger Happiness
3. Upgrading Stats and Passengers has unique effects on multipliers
4. Watch the Passengers from multiple camera angles

This game will be F2P (free-to-play), and will contain some small in-app-purchases for things like Special Passengers and Permanent Upgrades. I’m also including Rewarded Videos so you can watch a quick video to get major boosts for a specific time period. Additionally, the game will include base-level features that other idle/clicker games include like a Prestige system, Epic Upgrades, Avatar Customizer and big numbers (like quattuortrigintillion and trequadragintillion)!

I’m hoping to have the game in a playable form in the next few weeks, and looking to fully release for iPhone and Android devices in late-October.

I post a lot of updates on Twitter, so follow me over there for all the latest news about Henagames, Stupid Aliens and All Aboard!

Screenshots and GIFs

“All Aboard!” – Overhead View

“All Aboard!” – Passenger View

“All Aboard!” – Avatar Customizer