Stupid Aliens – Game Modes Announcement

Stupid Aliens new Game Modes are nearly ready! Both iPhone and Android versions should be released to you all by the end of the weekend, assuming QA goes well.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, you play as you normally would with :45 seconds to get as many Stupid Aliens as you can. Asteroids and Rocket Ships make their way through the night sky and provide much needed help to boost your combos and scores.





Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, you are given the normal :45 second start time, but a new special item is introduced: The Star! Catching the star will add :05 seconds to your overall time, but be careful! In this mode, missing costs you TIME instead of POINTS!





Asteroid Barrage

In Asteroid Barrage, you get the normal :45 second round, but this time there are TONS of asteroids falling to the ground! In this mode, you MUST catch the asteroids before they hit the ground or suffer a huge -5,000 point hit to your score! It’s beneficial to catch them anyway, since they blow up all aliens AND give you a 3x Combo! Again, huge scores are possible in this mode!












The Five-Lives game mode has no timer, but instead gives you five lives to battle with the Stupid Aliens. Missing does not affect your score, but it does cost a life! Note that there are NO powerups that will replenish your lives, so be extra careful! If you’re a combo master, you can bank over 1M points in this mode.


















Just the Green

The most challenging mode. It’s possible to get major scores here, but you need to be really good at keeping combos and catching the small, fast green UFO. In this mode there are 5 UFOs instead of the normal 3. There are NO special items to help you. You just get the green ones…Good luck!!