“All Aboard!” – Features and Gameplay

I haven't revealed much about the gameplay of "All Aboard!", so let's do it! I'm covering some of the core gameplay, features and a few ins-and-outs of my new indie mobile game for iOS and Android!

"All Aboard!" - A new mobile game for iPhone and Android

"All Aboard!" is a new idle-clicker mobile game where Passengers take the front seat! Generate incredibly high amounts of income and spend that income on thousands of new Passengers and Upgrades to create gigantic revenue streams! Unlock new, unique characters and upgrade them along the way to boost your income to astronomical levels! "All Aboard!" focuses on having fun with the Passengers and has over 20 unique characters, complete with their own bios and fun animations!

"All Aboard!" will be available soon for iPhone and Android!


Each Passenger has a unique style and provides a specific bonus to your income levels. There are 5 'Passenger Tiers', and the higher the tier, the greater the bonus. Each tier has a 'total number of Passengers collected' requirement that, when met, will unlock the next tier of Passengers. Once all tiers are unlocked, you can choose to continue or 'Prestige' and reset the game with major bonuses applied. Each tier has 4 unique passengers that will spawn on the platform during the ticketing/boarding cycle. When all 5 tiers are unlocked, 20 unique Passengers will randomly spawn on the platform, and all 20 Passenger stat-boosts are applied. There are also Premium Passengers available for in-app-purchase that provide a gigantic bonus to multiple stats at once.

Sell tickets to Passengers by tapping on the "Sell Ticket" button. When the train arrives, the Passengers on the platform will board the train. When the boarding cycle is complete, a certain number of Passengers will be distributed to all unlocked Passengers that provide the path to leveling Passengers through the tiers.

Upgrading and unlocking Passenger tiers is also available using in-game currency providing a much faster path to enormous income, but it comes at a steep price!

Clowning around!
Clowning around!


"All Aboard!" Passenger Upgrade Screen
"All Aboard!" Passenger Upgrade Screen

Major Stats

There are 4 major stats that are affected by Passengers and upgrades: The Train, Station, Ticket Price and Passenger Happiness. Attracting Passengers and purchasing upgrades will increase each of these stats independently. There are also 'Epic' upgrades that are permanent regardless of the Prestige level.

Income is generated primarily by issuing tickets to Passengers and having them board the train when it arrives. The income generated is based on multiple factors including available Passengers, upgrades, current Prestige levels and other variables. You can definitely expect to see "Big Numbers" like novemtrigintillion and quattuorquinquagintillion as you progress!


As you progress through the game and start earning steady income, you will want to spend this income on multiple upgrades to increase your bonuses. Upgrades include things like "Station Decorations" increasing Passenger Happiness, or "Celebrity Sighting" increasing the Station Ranking. Currently, there are 20 upgrades to choose from, but by the time the game is released this number may change! Upgrades will directly affect the major stats, and deciding which one you need at what time could make a difference in how you progress!


A Prestige system is in place that will reset the game with a large bonus applied to all stats! When all Passengers are unlocked, you can Prestige to reset the game with huge bonuses applied to all stats! Prestige is only available once all 5 Passenger Tiers are unlocked and requirements are fulfilled!


Running constantly on the right side of the screen is a city road with drivers whizzing by all day and night. These drivers really need to get off the road and become regular Passengers on the train! You can tap on these vehicles driving by, and each vehicle is worth a unique amount depending on their speed. Over time, you will likely amass thousands of drivers that could be converted into Passengers. This conversion will be available for in-app-purchase and, when Drivers are converted to Passengers, it will immediately distribute the number of drivers evenly to all available Passengers. If a player has many thousands of drivers and needs many thousands of Passengers to get to the next Prestige level, this is a great shortcut!

"All Aboard!" Passengers waiting for the train while traffic cruises by

Other Features

There are a lot of other exciting features in "All Aboard!" including:

  • A day/night cycle based on a 12-minute / 24-hour clock. Right now I'm not sure if it will affect the gameplay or bonus levels, but it could!
  • Avatar chooser allows you to choose from any of the Passengers as your avatar in the Player Stats window
  • Unique and randomized Passenger animations - Each Passenger has 6 available 'idle animations' and when they walk out to the platform, they will wait for the train and do their little dance, or salute, or something else cute
  • Multiple camera angles. You can only sell tickets from the overhead view, but in between there are three additional camera angles to do some people watching!

"All Aboard!" Day/Night Cycle
"All Aboard!" Day/Night Cycle (Sped up for demo purposes)


Passenger View from the platform
Passenger View from the platform


"All Aboard!" Coffee Shop View
"All Aboard!" Coffee Shop View and watching the train arrive


"All Aboard!" will be free to play on iPhone and Android with in-app-purchases available including Premium Passengers, Video Rewards, Driver-to-Passenger conversions and others that will significantly boost your gameplay! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on "All Aboard!" and check out "Stupid Aliens" while you're here!

**Please note that features, visuals and even the name of the game are subject to change and may be completely different when the game launches! These are screenshots and videos taken from early development builds and are all a work-in-progress.