Stupid Aliens v2 Update Is Underway!

Hello all! I’ve been working diligently on “All Aboard!” lately, getting all of the income generating properly, upgrades applying, and testing out income growth patterns and all that fun stuff. But I’ve also been itching to get out an update for “Stupid Aliens”, so I’m switching gears for a little bit and refocusing on some cool new features for it.

Here are some of the updates and features I’m considering, and I’m sure this list will grow!

  1. Adding support for Augmented Reality! Play in your real world surroundings with UFOs flying all around you! This mode is SUPER challenging, but really awesome. I’m excited about this one. It will be an option so if you’d rather play in Classic mode, that’s fine too!
  2. New backgrounds and environments. A few people have asked for this, and I love the idea. I’m considering introducing a new collectable item in all game modes that allow you to purchase new backgrounds and maybe even new UFOs!
  3. I’m thinking about writing two or three more background music tracks (all banjo, of course!) to give the player some choice in what to listen to while playing. These may be unlockable or just available from the start. Not sure yet.
  4. Combining the Free/Pro versions into one app and making the Pro version unlockable via in-app purchase. This is much easier for the player to upgrade and helps me only manage two apps instead of four completely different applications

These are some big updates, so I don’t have a firm date on release yet, but I will definitely be keeping you all updated as things progress. I’m going to start with #4 above and do some clean up and optimizations along the way. Once that is done, I’ll have a solid foundation to start building out the features.

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Leave a comment below and let me know of any other features or updates you’d like to see!