Getting Started on a New Game – “All Aboard!”

My game “Stupid Aliens” is out there in the world and people seem to be enjoying it, and I want to thank everyone that’s downloaded and played my first game!

When I started working on Stupid Aliens, I knew that it was going to be “my first” game, and I’ve been excited to get moving on to the next project. I got pretty hooked on a couple of idle games a while ago, and I had an idea to make one a little more interesting, but still with the same core concept. Don’t get me wrong, I love big story-driven, multi-faceted, and open-world games, but sometimes just clicking on a button and watching a bunch of stuff automatically happen is super satisfying and crazily addicting.

Here are some of the planned features of “All Aboard!”…Note, at this point these are all just ideas and could end up not making it into the final version of the game

– 26+ Unique Passengers with individual boosts. Unlockable and Upgradable
– Multiple Camera views for people watching moments
– Semi-clicker style gameplay / Hold button for short time, every few minutes. This won’t require constant babysitting, but still needs some attention
– Full Prestige system with rapid advancement and multiple Prestige opportunities
– Special Passengers that give very large boosts
– Hopefully a nice balanced economy system!
– Unlock new Passengers and their Avatars

Here are some early screenshots of “All Aboard!”, and a couple of GIFs showing some of the Passenger movement and camera views. This is very early development, so these screens might change quite a bit before it’s released. “All Aboard!” is going to be released on both Android and iPhone for free and will include some in-app purchases including some special Passengers to collect!

I post a lot of progress on my Twitter account @Henagames, so follow me over there to get pretty regular posts about both “Stupid Aliens” and “All Aboard!”.

Boarding View
Passenger Up-close View
Passenger Info View