Stupid Aliens is LIVE on Google Play!

The first release of what we hope is many, Stupid Aliens is LIVE on Google Play!

Stupid Aliens is an idea that’s been in my head for a long time, and I finally decided to build it out. It took me way too long to do it, but it’s finally here and I’m a little shocked it actually happened! We’ve released a Stupid Aliens Free version that has ads, and a Stupid Aliens Pro version that has NO ads and it’s only $0.99, sooo…plus it gets access to more stuff coming up in the future!

I love to play games, any kind of game no matter how big or small. But it has to be FUN, so I hope that’s what I’ve created here…Something fun for you guys to play! I have so many exciting plans for this game that are coming up in future versions like Achievements, different Game Modes and more!!

I really do hope you enjoy it, and if you do please leave a review and let your friends know about Stupid Aliens!! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Stupid Aliens Free

Get it on Google Play

Stupid Aliens Pro

Get it on Google Play

Stupid Aliens game and music was created and developed by Henagames. We hope you enjoy playing!

iOS Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!